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Security is not just a technical issue, it’s a business strategy.

What makes Blackwired unique is our ability to deliver specialized services leveraging our Zero Day Live platform to address the cyber security challenges in the market.


Threat Intelligence

We are your sixth sense for unmatched protection in a hostile cyber environment. We collect massive amounts of information through surface, social, sensor, deep and dark web sources. We produce high value intelligence that is synthesized, analyzed and delivered, real time, as actionable intelligence. Our ability to publish intelligence ahead of traditional vendors sets us apart from the crowd. We protect you when others can’t.


Intelligent Response

Victims of a cyber breach often do not know where to turn or who to trust. Millions of dollars are spent on post breach services and yet organizations receive little to no closure regarding what happened or how to prevent it from occurring again. Most troubling, the true extent of the breach is never fully understood.

Our Intelligent Response enables that understanding. Is your intellectual property for sale in dark markets? Do you know the latest techniques used by hackers? Do you know what the dark web community is saying about your Board? Our Intelligent Response provides these answers.


Cyber Risk Advisory Services

Blackwired’s security experts utilize proprietary network security and vulnerability assessment methodology to understand and validate how well organizations are protected against security threats. Our professionals can identify threats and vulnerabilities from both internal and external sources. Our services include vulnerability and penetration testing of networks, mobile applications, websites, wireless networks and endpoint devices. Blackwired security experts and researchers have the ability to demonstrate exploits and vulnerabilities giving our clients the capability to prioritize remedial actions in the most cost effective and efficient manner while keeping security in focus.

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