Cyber security is a business strategy with Board level priority
and C-level accountability

Blackwired proactively protects the enterprise from the consequences of a cyber attack; lost revenue, cost of recovery, reputational damage, share price pressure, legacy of secondary ‘sleeper’ attack and inability to procure cyber insurance.


Single Pane of Glass

A ’Single Pane of Glass’ to shine a light on Adversarial activity and intention: cyber weapons, preparations to act, bases of operation and means of access. A fast, holistic and complete cyber fusion observation platform that enhances your team’s capability and maturity. Enabling collaboration and getting to objectives and results with unprecedented speed and accuracy.


Military Grade Intelligence

“The most serious failure of leadership is the failure to foresee.” – Greenleaf

The Blackwired concept is to make the cyber warfare doctrine accessible to the enterprise sector. We make a previously untenable space tenable and in so doing, offer the highest-grade protection from cyber attack. The machine gives the advantage and the analysts provide the confidence. The output is targeted, relevant and meaningful.

Blackwired strives to ‘foresee’ the future.


Orchestration into an Existing Security Stack

Seamless integration into the existing technology stack with speed and scale using existing, native APIs – continuously refreshed, 24/7.

Supports security technology decisions made to date.

  • no “rip-and-replace”
  • no sensors or agents
  • no deployment of a device
  • no hole punched through the firewall
  • no client data touched or removed

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