About Blackwired

Blackwired is an innovative team dedicated to protecting the digital transformation of business.

Why We’re Here

We believe the current market approach to cyber security protection is flawed. Today, 90% of the security market is reactive—identifying cyber attacks after the damage is done. An unconventional, proactive approach was needed. We created Zero Day Live as the proactive solution to this problem—preventing cyber attacks before they happen.

Our Mission

Challenging conventional wisdom to solve complex problems within the cyber security industry while providing a circle-of-trust with our clients, shareholders and employees for the global good.

Where We're Going

We are continuing to disrupt the status quo in cyber security. Our future growth and focus will fundamentally change the way the world views the cyber threat landscape. We are driving a new paradigm of cyber security protection through innovative technologies and incredible people.

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Prevent the threat or deal with the attack. The choice is yours.

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