The tense fallout following President Trump’s threats to impose tariffs on Chinese made goods has allegedly led to more than just counter threats by the Chinese leadership.

According to Stealthcare CEO Jeremy Samide, the situation has led China to initiate a series of cyber attacks against the United States. Stealthcare, according to Samide, identified and attributed attacks made via the LuckyMouse group, who are commonly known as Emissary Panda, APT27.

Samide indicated that this was worrying from an American perspective, given that the attacks were spearheaded by a new malware strain which is based on the HyperBro Remote Access Trojan (RAT). There was also another series of attacks known to the company, which were dubbed MirageFox, attributed to APT15, also known as Vixen Panda, Ke3chang, Royal APT and Playful Dragon.

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